Name change in texas after marriage

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Using Common-Law Spouse's Surname

Share Pin Email. Proof of United States citizenship, including a birth certificate or certificate of citizenship. Documents showing your legal name change, including your marriage certificate. Was this page helpful? Thanks for letting us know! Tell us why! Read More. Texas law permits a person to change their name during the divorce process.

Generally speaking, this will be granted if a party to the divorce suit requests it and you may have to specifically request it. You should know that a court can deny a change of name during divorce, but it must supply a reason for doing so. The law also prohibits a judge from denying your change of name request simply to keep the names of family members the same. Once changed, a divorcee can apply for a change of name certificate at the county clerk's office. More is required to change a name outside of marriage or divorce. You'll have to go to court and petition for a change of name.

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Tips & Tricks for Married Name Change In Texas | Newlywed Blog

This can be a process, and involves supplying the court with the relevant information in order to receive an order granting a change of name request. For most people, your name change will be granted if the court finds it "in the interest or to the benefit of the petitioner" and "in the interest of the public," which is legal jargon for if it seems like a good idea.

There's no newspaper publication requirement in Texas. Minor children must go through a similar route except in cases of adoption.

A parent or guardian must file the petition containing essentially the same information as for an adult's name change. Children ten years of age or older must consent in writing, and another parent or guardian must be notified of the action. A court will change a minor's name if it determines doing so is in the best interest of the child.

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Some name change petitions aren't as straightforward. Convicted felons and registered sex offenders understandably face higher hurdles. This includes a court having more discretion to grant or deny a name change request, supplying more documentation and information before applying, and registering a name change with law enforcement agencies.

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  8. Changing a name also won't affect legal obligations or rights — you won't be able to disappear in the eyes of the law. Courts will punish attempts to change a name for illegal purposes also, such as:. This applies to how the documents are being certified notarized by a U.

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    name change in texas after marriage Name change in texas after marriage
    name change in texas after marriage Name change in texas after marriage
    name change in texas after marriage Name change in texas after marriage
    name change in texas after marriage Name change in texas after marriage
    name change in texas after marriage Name change in texas after marriage

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