How to find myspace id number

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Currently only Subject and Message fields are supported. Mood, Category, Music, etc will be left at their default settings. These are methods used internally to maintain or handle basic stuff page retreival, error handling, cache file handling, etc that you probably won't need to use and probably shouldn't use unless you're submitting a code patch :. You may pass this a code reference. The arguments passed to this code reference are:. Clever Perl programmers can use caller perldoc -f caller to find out where in the code that this page was accessed. Use this method if you need to get a page that's not available via some other method.

If called with the optional regexp, it will consider the page an error unless the page content matches the regexp.

How To Find Friend ID (myspace)

This is designed to get past network problems and such. Use this if you're stepping through pages. Checks for "You must be logged in to do that". If found, tries to log in again and returns 0, otherwise returns 1. This format is being deprecated.

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Please use the format below if you use this method which you shouldn't need unless you're writing more methods. Be aware that I might make this method private at some point. You may or may not need this method - it's used internally by any method that needs to fill in and post a form. If "page" isn't a URL, "follow" is ignored. This makes it look like we clicked a link to get to this page instead of just going straight to it. It's a simple counter starting from 0.

This will frequently be "submit", but if they've named the button something clever like "Submit22" as MySpace did in their login form , then you may have to use that. This is used to simulate the JavaScript form submits Myspace does on the browse pages.

How to use a Myspace tracker to identify your site's visitors and stalkers | Tweak3D

For checkboxes with no "value" attribute, specify a value of "on" to check it, "off" to uncheck it. The page content will be matched to the RE, and will be treated as an error page and retried until it matches. If your RE breaks, you could end up repeatedly posting a form.

This is here because Myspace likes to do weird things like reset form actions with Javascript then post them without clicking form buttons. This can be specified via the hash ref method only. Internal method to add a hidden field to a form. HTML::Form thinks we don't want to change hidden fields, and if a hidden field has no value, it won't even create an input object for it.

List the friendIDs mentioned on Tom's profile i. When called in scalar context, this function returns the first profile image it can find on the current page handy for getting a user's image if you're on their profile page or reading a single piece of mail. When called in a list context, this function returns a list of all profile images on the current page. Remove the login cache file. Call this after creating the object if you don't want the login data stored:. Only creates the top-level directory, croaks if it can't create it. This function mainly exists for the internal login method to use, and for related sub-modules that store their cache files by default in WWW:Myspace's cache directory.

Takes the source code of a page, or nothing. One of these days I'm going write a "stuff" subroutine so I can actually type that.

As you might guess, returns true if there's a "Previous" link on the page. If there isn't a "Next" button, this method can be used to make sure there is a "Previous" button. Internal method to go to the home page. Checks to see if we're already there. If not, tries to click the Home button on the page. If there isn't one, loads the page explicitly.

Version 0. This is now handled automatically without changing your account settings directly. More tests are needed in the test suite. Also, the function does not currently retry automatically in the cases of a 'network' error; until then, a script may wish to retry sending a friend request if 'FN' is returned. The file 'mechanize. Read the comments at the top of the patch file for details on how to use it. One of the modules upon which WWW::Myspace depends generates the following warnings when logging in:. These are harmless but annoying. See the "date. Some myspace error pages are not accounted for, such as their new Server Application error page.

If you know enough about web development to identify an error page that would return a successful HTTP response code i. Your account must be set to the "classic" profile for the module to work when logged in. This is to prevent a possible infinite loop that could occur if the submission of the friend requests fails, and also to signal a warning if myspace changes in a way that breaks the method. Add checks to all methods to self-diagnose to detect changes in myspace site that break this module. Currently if a next button isn't on a page for any reason, the method will think it's retreived all the friends.

If you would like to contribute to this module, you can post patches by following the simple 4-step process below.

How To View Private Myspace Pictures Without Being A Friend

If you end up posting several patches and your code shows a good understanding of the module, we will probbaly ask you if you'd like to be added as a developer on the project. There are many methods that could be added to this module profile editing, for example. To submit a patch for a new feature or a bug fix, please observe the following. Doing so will allow us to implement your patch quickly.


Not doing so may delay its implementation or prevent us from implementing your patch at all. Please report any bugs or feature requests, or send any patches, to bug-www-myspace at rt. We will be notified, and then you'll automatically be notified of progress on your bug as we make changes. For more information on module installation please visit the detailed CPAN module installation guide. Saves bandwidth.

Note: we don't include Tom because he's everybody's friend and we don't want to be bugging him with comments and such. The locale parameter is in ISO alpha-2 format, e.

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Notes: - This method is only set on login. If you're logged out somehow, this method won't tell you that yet - I may add that later. Use: '. Print the friendID of Amber G: myspace. Dies if called when not logged in. The codes are as follows 1 individual profile 2 band profile detected by looking for the MySpace Music logo 3 film profile detected by looking for the MySpace Film logo 4 comedy profile detected by looking for the MySpace Comedy logo First we try to look for all the non-individual profiles.

This method returns a list of the IDS of the photos in your profile's photo section. Example: Set your default photo to a random photo. Check the browse page source see below. This method is a complete re-write as of version 0.

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how to find myspace id number How to find myspace id number
how to find myspace id number How to find myspace id number
how to find myspace id number How to find myspace id number
how to find myspace id number How to find myspace id number
how to find myspace id number How to find myspace id number

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