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My husband, filed for divorce in December in California I live in Virginia and he did not served me until now May. Is he allowed to wait that long to serve me? Is that paperwork valid that entire time or was he suppose to resubmit? The papers he send me were filed in court in December but signed his petition in October, there are different time frames during the oct-nov that the different papers were signed by him.

I was not aware that he was serious about getting a divorce until I get served. He was making me think that he was going through a stage and to give him time, not until I got served that I found out he was serious about getting divorce.

Copy of Divorce Records FAQ - The Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara

I guess my question is if that paperwork he send me still valid and if he can do that. It seem very shady to me that he waited so long to serve me.

How the California Divorce Process Works. Family Law Matters.

He is also there on orders, he is military about to retire in a couple of months. You probably will need to hire a company like ours to help you file a response and perhaps other motions you may need to get orders to protect your interests.

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You can reach us at for help. Happen to come across a doc stating osc-re: dismissal..

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I guess i would be considered the respondent.. Thank you!

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It means the court has set the matter for dismissal because the case has not been timely completed. You should call us assp to get this finished so it will not be dismissed. My girlfriend filed for divorce February of and got rejection notice on October of that she missing a form and she fixed whatever was missing and then another rejection on February because they had her name wrong as Petitioner she had all the paperwork right they wrote her name somewhere wrong in the system so we had to do an Amended on march and very much applied everything from the beginning, she just got the Summons form from the court and will file judgment this week, now the question is the 6 months will start over starting March or it should started last year already when she first filed?

We would be happy to help you get this fixed. Call us at Good Morning Mrs. Thank you again for your time!! Cannot comment as to statute of limitations. We are not lawyers.

Hello, I am in the middle of a divorce in California. I will be receiving spousal and child support. My question is, if my girls and I move in with my parents so I can have physical support for my girls while I am at work and hopefully attending school, will I still be able to collect whatever spousal support I will be rewarded. My husband informed me that if I live with my parents, that counts as them supporting my financially and I would not likely receive any spousal support.

I just want to know if that is in fact correct. It would not be normal for the amount of spousal support to be based on you living or not living with other persons such as your parents. I would suggest you carefully read the order to see what it says. If you need legal advice or interpretation of the order, you may want to contact a lawyer.

Most likely it is a requirement of the bank he is using to finance the purchase. I am not sure why you would be unwilling to sign it since obviously the property being purchased is not community property nor does it seem you would have any interest it. If I were you, I would try to cooperate. If you feel you need legal advice, talk to an attorney. Hi, I want to divorce my husband, I do not want to leave the house for fear of losing custody of my children. At what point can I leave the house with out him filing abandonment.

Also this is an uncontested divorce. Unlike some other states, Abandonment is not a legal basis for divorce in California. That kind of allegation is a non-issue. Is there a timeline to get a divorce finalized? A court will eventually file a motion to dismiss the case but it varies between courts when this is done. I live in CA. I filed for legal separation and had my wife served. However, we are now reconciling. Do I need to file anything with the court to withdraw my separation petition?

Or can I just let it expire since I was supposed to file proof of service within 30 days? I have an odd situation. My ex left one day and never came back … which was ok by me. We do not have children together nor property. He left oct My daughter, who is not his , has seen him recently, but nothing was mentioned. After he left I was as counseled to file abandonment charges by an attorneys office. I went to do that Jan and was told that it was something I could no longer do. It is possible to get a divorce. California law does not have a premise of abandonment charges under which you could file a divorce so I am surprised that an attorney would tell you that unless, of course, you do not live in California.

We could help you file for divorce if you were interested in doing that. Please contact our ofice at He has an attorney and I do not and he is the petitioner. As a respondent, do I have to do proof of service to him and to his attorney? How about mailing my response to the court? Hi, My question is if I initially filed for divorce and we had an MSA that did not address spousal but then my ex got an attorney and we went back and forth and ended up settling the spousal issue the night before our trial was scheduled what has to happen now, meaning do I need to file any other forms or do we just wait for the judge to sign off on it since we have settled and do we still need to file the original MSA?

You may want to talk to an attorney to review your file if you are not sure where you are in the case. You can also review the court docket either online or by going to the courthouse.

Changing the Terms of Your California Divorce Decree

Hi there! My question is will I receive anything other than my forms that were endorsed by the court back in October? Also, do I need to serve the documents and file a proof of summons again? Thank you in advance. When a judgment is entered, you always receive a conformed copy of the entered judgment. If you did not receive that, there probably was that problem with your paperwork.

I filed for divorce February it is now February and he has yet to respond. Can I continue to move forward? My husband filed dismissed the divorce case on April 3, in California. Please tell me what is that mean? Is that mean this case already cancelled or this case is still going on? Thank you very much! I have not recieved anything yet. No but if you want to move the case along you can simply go to the court, get a copy of the filed paperwork, and find a Response.. Let us know if you need help. File divorce , want to marry my girlfriend.

Have been together 9 years have 3 children together. My question is after the divorce goes thru do I have to wait six months to get married? If you filed divorce in and never completed your case, it may have been dismissed. I would suggest giving our office a call so we can check the docket.

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Our contact number is Hi, I am going thru a divorce, my son is representing my wife against me. He is purposely delaying the case by asking more documents.

What is the Date of Separation in a California Divorce?

Is that true? My husband and his ex divorced 20 yrs ago in CA. At least that is how it appears as the MSA can not be found anywhere. The judge in the case signed off on the divorce, as far as anyone can tell. We are now back in court fighting with his ex because she has decided after 20 yrs and another marriage and another divorce that she wants some money.

We had a trial today, and the judge handling the case now, can not figure out what happened to the MSA, why the judge 20 yrs ago signed off on the divorce without one, if the para committed malpractice, or what.

how to find divorce date california How to find divorce date california
how to find divorce date california How to find divorce date california
how to find divorce date california How to find divorce date california
how to find divorce date california How to find divorce date california
how to find divorce date california How to find divorce date california
how to find divorce date california How to find divorce date california

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