History of the car timeline

The German government worked hard to support the rollout of 3-way catalytic converters through tax incentives and via a ban on petrol-powered cars without catalyst regulators. Greenpeace surprised the car industry by unveiling a car more fuel efficient than any on the roads at the time.

Even today in , carmakers have still not produced a road car which equals its fuel efficiency. Toyota, seeking to make individual travel fit for the future, presents the Prius. It is the first mass production hybrid road car. Peugeot equips the first time in his model with particulate filter; This puts pressure on the German car industry and the goverment. After discussions with politics and the car lobby, particulate filters are now standard.

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It is proven, that soot particles causes cancer. British politicians wanting to reduce pollution in London and ease levels of road traffic introduced this law, motivating people to use public transportation instead of cars. In response to concerns about the world's finite supply of oil, Honda reveals the first production-ready hydrogen car: the FCX Clarity. After the car industry does not comply with a voluntary commitment to limit CO2 emissions in new cars, the EU introduces its first law to do this.

The German government, after receiving requests from hotels, restaurants, tourist associations and others concerned about pollution, introduces 'Environmental Zones'. Only cars with certificates based on their green credentials are allowed to travel in these areas. After 2 years of campaigning and more than half a million people take action to put pressure on them, Volkswagen - Europe's biggest carmaker - agrees to make strong CO2 cuts across its entire new car fleet.

Two years previously the company once said these targets were "impossible. As the world became more concerned with pollution, VW unveiled the first 1-litre car: the L1.


A History of the Automobile

It could travel km on 1 litre of petrol. The car hit a top speed of Drayson said: "By setting this new world record Despite more CO2 in the atmosphere today than in the last 3 million years, Germany postpones a vote on a law they have already weakened. Influenced by BMW and Daimler, Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel gets most of Europe to postpone a vote on a law they have already watered down to favour polluting cars. The future is unclear for this set of regulations, which could have cut new car CO2 in half by , saved The FIA will launch the first electric car championship in Some 2, buildings are destroyed.

A vehicle is crushed at U. Auto Supply in Detroit on August 3, He serves until September Kilpatrick pleads guilty to obstruction of justice charges and leaves office. May-July Chrysler and GM declare bankruptcy, and the Obama administration provides financing and guides the automakers through expedited bankruptcy proceedings.

1861 - Speed Limits

March The U. Census Bureau reports that Detroit's population has fallen to ,, a 25 percent plummet from and the lowest level in years. Detroit's finances are premised on a minimum tax base of , people. A new law, Public Act 4, that allows the state to intervene in financially troubled local governments takes effect. November Voter repeal Public Act 4. The next month, Gov. Rick Snyder signs a replacement bill, Public Act , that lets struggling local governments choose between mediation, a deal with the state, a state-appointed emergency financial manager, or Chapter 9 bankruptcy.

May 13, Orr, in his first public report on Detroit's finances, calls the city "clearly insolvent. Orr also lays out a plan to restructure Detroit's finances to avoid bankruptcy, including cuts to the pensions and health benefits of retired city workers and a steep haircut on municipal bonds. July 18, Orr files a Chapter 9 bankruptcy petition on behalf of Detroit, marking the largest municipal bankruptcy filing in history and sending the Motor City into unknown territory. House Republicans appear to be throwing Giuliani, Sondland, and Mulvaney under the bus to save Trump.

Sign up for our free email newsletters. Peter Weber. They branded it, "A family car with a racing heritage. In , Nissan helped build the Lambda-4S, one of Japan's earliest forays into space. In , the one-millionth Datsun vehicle was sold in the U. It came with the catchphrase, "A truck that works as hard as you. This decade was a time of American production. In , the first Nissan truck was built in the U. In , the first Sentra was built in the U.

In , Nissan collaborated with Toyota to release their first hybrid vehicle, the Altima Hybrid.

The History of the Automobile

In , the company introduced the all-new, sleeker Nissan Altima with improved fuel economy, higher quality materials, a new suspension system, and better steering. As Nissan grows closer to a century in business, it plans to continue its history of innovation and engineering excellence.

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History of the car timeline
History of the car timeline
History of the car timeline
History of the car timeline
History of the car timeline
History of the car timeline
History of the car timeline
History of the car timeline
History of the car timeline

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