Need help finding a car

Step 1. Assess Your Needs

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Choosing a Car. View All.

Don't Be Influenced By Ads. Create your list of cars to test drive based on research, focusing on reliable cars, with high owner satisfaction, good safety marks, and strong road test performance.

Step 1. Assess Your Needs

Don't Scrimp on Safety. Advanced safety features can help avoid an accident or lessen the impact of a crash. They are becoming widely available, though they are still not standard on many models and trims. No Thanks to Extras.

Car dealers generally make most of their profit from financing and the sale of a wide variety of extra add-on products like theft protection, asset protection, prepaid maintenance, tire and key replacement plans, VIN etching, and extended warranties. Pass on Special Events.

5 Checks You MUST Do When Buying A Used Car

Don't shop during special sales events solicited by direct mail. These are often run by contracted specialists trained in techniques that increase a dealer's profit. Smart Financing. Resist the temptation to focus strictly on monthly payments to consider the long-term impact of your finance strategy, considering loan rate, interest paid, trade in, and even depreciation. Fees to Avoid. If you see additional "pre-delivery inspection," "delivery," "destination," or "dealer prep" charges on a second window sticker, you should refuse to pay them. Browse Car Ratings by Type.

Small cars. Pickup trucks.

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Luxury cars. Sports cars. All Cars A-Z. Popular Cars. Honda CR-V. Toyota Higlander. Subaru Forester. Toyota Camry. Audi Q7. Honda Accord. Mazda CX Toyota RAV4. Kia Sorento. Ford F At the Dealership. Car Pricing. Car Financing. Trading in Your Old Car.

Closing the Deal. After the Sale. More Resources. Changing ownership of a car is not meant to be a difficult process - there are about 9.

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Is your new car safe? The assessment looked at Market homologation the impact of rules and regulations can be a cruel Deal Watch is the place where we publish the very best PCP deals, leasing and cash offers on new cars each week, expertly curated by our finance expert Chris Lloyd. Unlike when the service first launched in , customers will soon be able to As consumers demand yet more functionality from their smartphones it seems such omniconnectivity is desired at all times, including while driving.

Like its Essex counterpart, the London store will allow customers to test With many people having to You also need to think about the added costs such as insurance, road tax and fuel. With the Buying a car is one of the most complex purchases most people do. After buying a house, it's likely the second biggest expense. It's no wonder people feel worried. That's where Parkers comes in.

We're here to provide impartial, expert new car buying help - with everything from explainers to advice articles and videos, all written in plain, jargon-free English. If you're looking for the best way to buy a car, remember to check out these sections if you need more help:.

Guide to Buying a New Car

Looking for the best car deals? Whether you want to browse our lists of the best cars on sale today , or have a look at our used cars for sale section , we have loads of advice and pointers on new car buying. If you're thinking about buying a new car on finance, before you head to the dealership read through our finance advice and watch our finance videos. Ad closing in a few second s

need help finding a car Need help finding a car
need help finding a car Need help finding a car
need help finding a car Need help finding a car
need help finding a car Need help finding a car
need help finding a car Need help finding a car
need help finding a car Need help finding a car

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