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You can also monitor website traffic and much, much more. Still, even with all these numbers reminding us that the phone book is so far, at least less effective than local search marketing, they keep printing the phone book. First, take the cost of the ad and divide it by your average sale, then, figure out how many phone calls it takes to make a sale. That means 67 people would have to call your business from a Yellow Pages ad in order for your phone book advertising to break even.

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Now, I don't think the phone book is a bad thing -- it's just something that I don't need, and it gets old picking up the new phone book and dumping it right in the recycling bin. So after a little research, today I'll offer the long-sought answer to this problem. Yes folks, you can finally stop the delivery of phone books you don't want, effectively short-circuiting the recent routine of phone book delivery and immediate recycling. Thanks to Shelby Wood of The Oregonian , stopping the phone books is just a click or call, or actually several calls away.

Wood writes :.

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There are more than two phone books printed each year for every American citizen, so it will be a few years before smartphones overtake phone books in terms of market penetration. Online listing behemoth Yelp is a searchable, filterable directory of business listings available on the web and mobile. Yelp says it receives about 39 million visitors per month.

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That's a big number, yet still a fraction of the U. Furthermore, Yelp is only in roughly 50 cities so far, so it's got a long way to go before achieving the local reach of the phone book industry. Google, on the other hand, with its maps, street view, targeted Adwords advertising, and local business listings, is pervading across local markets all over the world.

As Internet access becomes more ubiquitous, perhaps search engines will eventually be the death of phone books. Even if phone books become technologically obsolete, they'll continue to live on as long as advertisers are willing to pay for placement in them.


RIP, phone book: Verizon to stop publishing them

Not only will the vast majority of consumers have to stop using phone books in favor of web and mobile tools, but small businesses will have to figure out how to measure the ROI of their phone book investments in order for phone books to stop being profitable enough to print. So when will we actually see the death of the phone book? It may not be until we run out of trees. In the meantime, cities like Seattle are taking steps to crackdown on the amount of phone books delivered each year.

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where can i order a phone book Where can i order a phone book
where can i order a phone book Where can i order a phone book
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